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126-C Industrial Parkway

Saraland, AL 36571

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  • What is digitizing?
    Digitizing is the process where we take your logo/text and create actual stitch paths for the machine to use to sew. This is not the same as having a vector file or cad file.
  • Is there a digitizing fee?
    Yes. There is a one-time fee that will be included on your quote.
  • Can I order individual items?
    No. We do not do individual/personal items. Our embroidery machine runs 6 items at a time. We do not put names on blankets, bookbags, bows, napmats, etc. Our specialty is corporate apparel. We do bulk orders for businesses, schools, churches, brands, etc.
  • What is your minimum order on caps?
    A dozen (12) embroidered caps
  • What is your minimum order for screenprinting?
  • Can I order a variety of different sizes with one order?
    Yes, although not all sizes will be priced the same.
  • Is embroidery or screenprinting better?
    Whether you should use embroidery or screenprinting depends heavily on your logo design. In most cases we can use either, but in some more complex logos, embroidery may not be an option. We will review this with you individually when we go over what you are looking to have made.
  • What is the turn around time for my order?
    Turn around time depends on the items in your order, the order quanitiy, whether all needed blanks are in stock, etc. This will be discussed with you before your order is approved for processing.
  • I need my order fast. Do you offer rush services?
    Please call to see if this will be possible to meet your deadlines.
  • I want to use a product brand I do not see on your list. Can you still get it for me?
    Typically, the anwser is YES! We can offer more brands than we have listed. If you do not see a brand you desire, please reach out and let us see how we can help you.
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